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Integrate Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server with other security Software


For one potential client in order to have an feasible offer we have to do an software integration between Cisco VSMS and software from Honeywell called WINMAGplus. The other software is an solution that integrates different security systems in one centralized system.

The idea for integration is as follows:

When some sensor from winmag (motion, fire alarm, access door) send event to the central system, Cisco IP camera from the near surrounding of that sensor should be triggered to show popup video from the affected area on the winmag display.

We have managed to make this connection but we are not certain about the feasibility of this solution e.g. is this kind of solution workable in real implementation with many cameras(this particular project has 199) and what kind of impact it will have on the normal Video Surveillance system. Also we have issue with security e.g. the feed from the camera is accessible without authentication through the URL Address.

The way we did this integration is as follows:

We had installed evaluation winmag software on one server. This software has a part called SIAS server which purpose is to connect 3rd party programs.

We used the BWT Pages (Broadware server) from vsmc to create an "AX Client" <OBJECT> (Live & Archive)" and save the code as .jsp file on the Broadware server.  Then we used the URL address to this file, as an reference in program created in SIAS. After this the integration was pretty straight forward. We just imported this sias program as an event, triggered with mouse click on particular sensor.

Thanks in Advance

Best Regards

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