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IPICS Mobile Client


I´m trying to log in with a iphone to my IPICS 4.0. I am sure I'm using the correct version on my iphone, and I have already donwloaded the certificates. But when I try to log in i get the following message

Error In Connection: A connection failure occurred:SSL problem (possibly a bad/expired/self signed certificate)

Any idea how can I solve this issue?

Thank You

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IPICS Mobile Client


The link below should help you navigate to a solution...

My preference is:

(create a set of "standard..ish" certificates and replace the default self-signed versions in your IPICS DB..self signed certificates have a self-life so the create (or use your orgs approved certs and upload/replace those installed by default).

It is an individual preference (sop) as to how you get it done...back up, delete your ip mobile client certificates and reinstall -

The Cisco IPICS server from which you download an SSL certificate must have a fully qualified hostname that exists in a DNS that the iPhone can use.

•Downloading an SSL Certificate to an iPhone

•Deleting an SSL Certificate from an iPhone

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I know this is months old,

I know this is months old, but that message is typically displayed when your IPhone dose not have the right DNS server address (Or DNS server dose not have ipics address). 

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