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On Demand Monitoring Video Streams from CPAM Quick Launch Panel

I have used Quick Launch panels for our branch locations to be able to grant access to doors with just a button click and this has worked very well for the past 4-5 years.

I have now started installing cameras at some of these branch locations and would like to be able to add an additional button to the quick launch panels we already have to bring up a single camera.  So far all I have been able to come up with is creating a button to open the Camera Manager, but this is less than ideal since the user will need to then find the camera they want to look at.


We are using this instead of having a constant monitoring station for our front desk personnel.  When they get a call from the gate or front door, they want to be able to click a button, which brings up the corresponding camera feed, see it is UPS/FedEx/etc. and then click the button to grant access.

I can't find any way to actually bring up the live stream from the cameras.  Can anyone give me some direction on this?  Thanks.

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