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Problem after upgrade to VSM 7.5.1


We have upgraded our VSM servers from 7.2.0 to 7.5.1.

After upgrade we faced some problems.

First, can you please describe what does this warning means?


Pending software Upload - MS-s/Vsom do not have these software uploaded



When viewing from monitoring window we can see only last 10-15 minutes of recordings every time when we look at it. We cannot see old recordings.

What should we check?

Cisco Employee

Hi,First,Okay, what the error



Okay, what the error means is VSOM has a software release uploaded to it, but the server is not on that release.  Look at the software uploaded to VSOM's Software Management page (System Settings > Software Management, click Search, then the Manage tab. 

Is there any software uploaded here?  If so, remove them because it cannot be used to upgrade any of the VSM servers at this point.

Second, does it rewrite the recording after it shows 10-15 mins recording. do mean it only has 10-15 mins recording.

1. share the Camera template snap shot.

2. go to VSMC page --> Administration --> Media Server --> recording, share the snap shot of this complete page.



Community Member

Hi, Thank you for response



Thank you for response.

First issue solved, thank you.



Yes, you are right,we have only 10-15 mins. recording, all previous recordings deleted, rewrited.

in attachment you can find camera template snapshot, also vsmc snapshots.


Okay, something doesn't

Okay, something doesn't appear to add up.  According to the camera templates, you should have a continuous loop archive of at least a day, yet from the VSMC page (which I personally trust more) states the LOOP duration for each archive is 330 seconds(?), or a little over 5 minutes?

Is your VSMS instance(s) healthy?  Are they over provisioned?

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
Community Member

Hi Scott,I also see that loop

Hi Scott,

I also see that loop is 330 seconds, but i dont know how it became.

All of our servers are healthy. We also haver server where half of cameras are recording normal but half of them like these ones.


Cisco Employee

Hi,not sure why you ended up


not sure why you ended up on this situation. Do a replace configuration from VSOM on all affected cameras. and go back to VSMC page see if that make any difference.

let me know.

Community Member

Hi,i did it, but there is no


i did it, but there is no change.

may be i should open a TAC case?


I would definitely open a TAC

I would definitely open a TAC case if that route is available to you.  It would be excellent if you shared what the root cause was once it's discovered too.

Your camera templates appear fine, and if they are applied to the cameras in question, and you've ran a Replace Configuration on them, and it succeeded without exception... then they should really be running as expected.

Best of luck!

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
Community Member

Hi, i have opened a case to



i have opened a case to TAC. we did recovery on some servers but it didn't help.

Then i just created a schedule and apllied it(before it was basic 24x7 recording). After that recording type became regular. before it was loop. Also I have changed from motion detection to continious and motion detection, then duration changed to 1 day, before it was 330 seconds.

now recording is normal.

 may be this is a bug of version 7.5.1



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