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Will the Cisco Media Server support saving data to a NAS, or SAN?

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Re: SAN or NAS

Network attached storage (NAS, iSCSI) is not supported with VSMS.

If the customer would like to generate a backup copy of their archives, the best method is using VSOM’s “Backup” feature.  They will need at least one extra media server to do this.  You can register the backup server under “Admin >> Servers”  Every 24 hours the archives from a given media server can be automatically backed up to that Backup server.  Basically, archive backup copies archives from the VSMS server where they are recorded to a VSMS server configured to receive the backups.  The VSMS backup server could be connected to the SAN.  There is not a method to directly backup archives to SAN storage and Cisco does not certify 3rd party SAN vendors.

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Re: SAN or NAS

SAN is supported providing the media server is ordered preconfigured with  fibre channel cards

installed.  SAN arrays may support up to 42TB per array, 420 TB per rack.

Here's a 2 page product brochure discussing options:

Cisco does sell Nexsan arrays which TAC will support, though you are free to use any 3rd party FC SAN array (though Cisco would not be responsible for supporting configuration and communication between the FC card and the array.)

I hope that helps...


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Re: SAN or NAS

Hi all.

I'm not able to find datasheet for cisco fiber channel CIVS-FC-1P and some clearly document to understand how use FC san.

have Anyone  connect VSMS server to 3rd party FC san? if yes which vendor/model.

Can i use fc switch to interconnect FC san to VSMS?



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Re: SAN or NAS

Hi Paolo,

Here's the datasheet for the FC card itself:

As far as configuration, Cisco recommends ordering the FC card as an option when ordering a media server using the Configuration Tool.  Getting one to work as an addition after a server has been factory configured can be a challenge, and is not a Cisco TAC supported procedure.

Link speed detection supports 1, 2 or 4Gbps automatically.

The data rates for this card are 1.0625 Gbps, 2.125 Gbps, and 4.25 Gbps, auto-detected

If you use a 3rd party storage array, the card is industry standard ANSI compliant, with support for fiber channel class 2 and 3.

I hope that helps,


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