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Video Analytics not triggered.


I'm setting up a video analytics on a cisco 4500 camera. I already created analytic rules on the camera. I also added the camera to VSOM enabling video analytic. Then, i created an event to trigger the video analytic rules. But i can't see any triggers on the events. What could be the possible problem?


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Video Analytics not triggered.


Are you aware of the document “Instructions to setup Cisco 4500 HD camera With
Video Analytics integration on Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
”. To find in

Make sure those steps are tested and SNMP works fine before continuing to the analytics part.

Also, quite often when I started a fresh setup, it took quite a while and then suddenly it worked.



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Re: Video Analytics not triggered.

Hi danny,

Thanks for the info. But that is also the guide im using for setting the analytics. How long does the "quite a while"? An hour?

And about the smnp, what i need to configure with that? Or it is the script that is written on the document?

Another question, will the analytics be triggered if im only using for example 4CIF resolution on my cisco 4500 camera?



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Re: Video Analytics not triggered.

Hi Jess.

The main issue with anyalytics are the snmp entries in the snmpd file. Especially, when VSOM was upgraded from 6.2/3 to the latest version. Make sure, that there is a resolvable hostname entered and your servers ip address as well. Check this in the snmp page under the /vsmc as well. Don't forget to restart when done any changes.

Reg the timing: that analytics stuff drove me nuts in the beginning. Since I tried (and btw, others on different servers too) for hours and no success. And suddenly, it started to work. Of course, no touching... :-)

First, I would check that the camera is triggering the analytic event by watching the traffic coming from the cam. 99% in my cases, it came, but then vsom ignored it.

I have not read any limitations when it comes to resolution. Never used so low res on such a great cam, so I cannot tell this from experience.




Re: Video Analytics not triggered.

I too have attempted to utilize the 4500 series analytics in our lab here using the guide above, and despite trying for several hours, was unable to get it to function properly.

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
Cisco Employee

Re: Video Analytics not triggered.

Hi folks,

One thing to note.  When you create the rules on the camera, note the names of the rules and note the case of those names.

Then, when you create the Event on VSOM, on the details tab, ensure that your rules match exactly case for case the Rules that you created on the camera.

So if i create a rule on my camera called HollyTest

When I create the event -> details tab -> Analytics Rule Name

     I must enter HollyTest

If i enter hollytest, I will never receive the event.


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Video Analytics not triggered.

Hi Holly

Actually i have engaged in a big project that contain 50 video analytics cameras and now we are testing one of them in our lab. The customer need it for people counting and i have installed the required license for that.

i created the rule on the camera and configuring the ip address of the VSOM server on the camera to push the events then created the event on the VSOM (6.3.1) but i cannot see any triggers.

could you help me about that ? is there any other steps that should be done on the camera or the VSOM?

also if the camera will be used for people counting, can i get a report from the VSOM that indicate the number of people entering or emeging from certain area?

waiting your feedback



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Video Analytics not triggered.


How to view report about video analytics event in VSOM 7.0 ?

I have configure video analytics for IP Camera 4500E , I use rule area of interest with enter,exit,appear and disappear event.

could you help me,how to configure video analytics that I can see the result of video analytics in VSOM 7.0,

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