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New Member

VSMS HDD alarm

Dear ALL ,

I have a customer who has a VS system contains of two media servers each one contains 12 HDD * 1 TB , one of the servers contains makes alarm sound (as beeb ) and there is one of the HDD led gives a red and all other HDD's are normal .

the VSMS is working normally but the problem in the alarm of the servers .

the customer sent me the support report of the two servers and I need to check the RAID of the servers as I think there is a problem on the RAID .

so can any one help me to check the RAID status of the two servers .

N.B the attached are the RAID files from the two servers .

Cisco Employee

VSMS HDD alarm

I'm guessing this is the one that's causing the beeping:

Enclosure Device ID: 16

Slot Number: 11

Device Id: 29

Sequence Number: 3

Media Error Count: 0

Other Error Count: 22

Predictive Failure Count: 0

Last Predictive Failure Event Seq Number: 0


Raw Size: 931.512 GB [0x74706db0 Sectors]

Non Coerced Size: 931.012 GB [0x74606db0 Sectors]

Coerced Size: 930.390 GB [0x744c8000 Sectors]

Firmware state: Failed

SAS Address(0): 0x50030480006ed64f

Connected Port Number: 0(path0)

Inquiry Data:                                                                    

FDE Capable: Not Capable

FDE Enable: Disable

Secured: Unsecured

Locked: Unlocked

Foreign State: None

Device Speed: 3.0Gb/s

Link Speed: 3.0Gb/s

Media Type: Hard Disk Device

Looks like it's been have problems since about the 30th.  You might want to power the server down and reseat it.  If it still doesn't work it's probably a bad drive.

New Member

VSMS HDD alarm

Is there any way to silence the beeping until the drive replacement arrives?

Cisco Employee

VSMS HDD alarm

# /opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli -adpsetprop AlarmSilence -aALL

New Member

Re: VSMS HDD alarm

For those on newer v6 (and v7) Cisco has integrated the RAID Status into the Management Console, there you can check the status and Silence the Alarm.  You can add RAID Status for older v6 systems, see the great script to add in on this forum's documentation.  Please be advised that RAID disks running like these generally last between 3 to maybe 5 years imo, if one has gone bad replace it very quickly!  (And get ready for more).

New Member

VSMS HDD alarm

Second on Cory's comment.  Once one goes more are close behind.  If you get 2 failures at the same time everything is lost and folks get yelled at.  I would recommend also getting configuration backups right now of all servers if you don't have already.

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