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VSOM Batch Administration issue

VSOM doesn't show me any result when I click the Batch Administration.

I have 844 ip cameras, all of them cisco 2500.

Does anyone see this before?


Re: VSOM Batch Administration issue

844 cams on one VSOM? Is it a Cisco MSP or a different server? The reason I ask is that Cisco has documentation stating that they only support up to 500 cameras per VSOM. If the batch admin tool isnt working its not good but is everything else working?

How are the cameras connected to the server? LAN, MAN, WAN or a combination?

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Re: VSOM Batch Administration issue

HI McWalter

Yes Sr, I have 844 cameras running in a VSOM that is installed in a Cisco MSP Server (1U).

The topology is:


1 Primary MS per branch

1 Secondary MS per branch

Cameras are connected to the locally Primary MS, each branch is connected to the VSOM through WAN network.

Batch administration is not working properly, it doesn't show me any result, and VSOM is extremely slow, for example to switch from Ops to Admin page I have to wait 5 minutes.

Also I have been working with an issue that I'm having with the archives backup in each secondary MS. I have the back-up repository checked at the MS, also I have configured back-up of each archives, however the back-ups are not performed.


Re: VSOM Batch Administration issue

You may want to confirm with CiscoTAC but given your topology I do not think the 1RU server can handle the load of connecting to all devices at once (a la the batch admin tool).

The archiving backup issue may also be a network problem. You may want to review the QoS settings for your netwrok to verify your cameras, local and central servers are communicating as fast as possible.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Re: VSOM Batch Administration issue


You're hitting the bug CSCtf19177, details with the workaround here:


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