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VSOM email alert

How can you set up VSOM to email you an alert when a camera goes into the down state?


Robert Greeson

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VSOM email alert

Robert that is a good question.  If you are running 6.3.2  here is the procedure for doing that.

Login to your Vsom server Via Web GUi


Click on admin in upper left corner.

Now go down to System----Settings and click here

Now scroll down to the "Health Monitoring Settings"

and populate these items.

Check box Health Email Notification

Fill out how often you want to be notified

Fill out email address you want it to go to.

Now you will need to go into the Console pages of your Vsom and set up the SMTP information.

2 ways to get to that.

1)  htts://x.x.x.x/vsmc.html

2) On the admin page click on Servers, you will then see a list of your servers.  On the righ had side next to your Vsom server you will see console  click the "Cisco" icon and this will open up a new IE page to the Console pages.

Now on the Left hand side scroll down to "Configuration" and then click on "Operations Manager"

It will then require you to login with root and your root password for console pages.

Scroll down to SMTP Parameters

Fill out the SMTP server address and the from address.

Scroll to the Bottom and click update.

Now as long as your "health monitor"  will show the camersa, feeds etc in the down state you will get email notifictions

and as long as your mail server can receive from your vsom server.

Hope this helps

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