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Multiple Cluster CDR - Prime Enterprise

Hy out there,

We hav set up our Prime Collaboration Assurance 9.5 with 2 Cisco 8.6.2 Communication Manager Cluster.

For the First Cluster the CDR are working.

When we configure CDR Management on the Second Cluster it won't setup.

When we look into the following logs we see that


17-Sep-2013|09:46:27.906|WARN |SSHD_stdout|SSHD-TRANSFER-1|Access denied based up remote client IP

17-Sep-2013|09:46:27.906|WARN |SSHD_stdout|SSHD-TRANSFER-1|null

17-Sep-2013|09:46:27.907|WARN |SSHD_stdout|SSHD-TRANSFER-1|There is now -1 active connections


17-Sep-2013|09:46:27.906|ERROR|SSHD_sterr|SSHD-TRANSFER-1| Connection from x.x.x.x is DROPPED

When we look into the "System Setup > Assurance Setup > Call Quality Data Source Management" there is only the First addes Cluster.

How can we add the Second one

cheers Floh

Cisco Employee

Multiple Cluster CDR - Prime Enterprise

Hello Florian,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Here are a few things you can check :

1. check the status of iptables service. Because you have the CDRs coming in from Cluster 1, this may not be an issue.

if  the iptables service is stopped then you will have to issue a "service  iptables start" and then run this command from the console :

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 22 -j REDIRECT --to-port 9822

2. You can look for the CDRs at /opt/CSCOpx/qovr/saved directory (this should have logs of both CDR and CMR)

3. if  the CDR FTP/SFTP config fails with "check FTP/SFTP" parameters" then  reset the CDR Repository Manager under Tools > Service Actiovation  Network Services > CDR Repository Manager.

4. Also issue a restart of QOVR process on Prime Collaboration :

ssh root@primecollab -p 26

pdterm QOVR;

Wait for a couple minutes

pdexec QOVR;

wait for the QOVR process to come to "Running normally" state.

If the issue is still unresolved, I can help troubleshoot this issue. Please reach out to us at

Dilip Gangadharaiah
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Prime Collaboration

Dilip Gangadharaiah Technical Marketing Engineer Cisco Prime Collaboration
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