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Provisioning Jabber clients with PCP

I'm evalutating Prime Collab Provisioning as a solution for CUWL standard and pro customers that deploy multiple devices per user. 

A typical scenario would be a new employee that gets a desk phone, voicemail, CSF device and Jabber mobile device. 

Ideally this could be accomplished with a single task (order) in PCP but, as far as I can tell, this cannot be done. 

Desk phone and voicemail can be done with an Endpoint Service order but it looks like it requires separate endpoint orders for each endpoint. 

There is a Jabber service option available where I can choose to deploy multiple Jabber clients at once but there is no option to select a line so these devices get deployed without DNs.  I don't see the point of this. 

Am I missing something with the Jabber service option?  Is there a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish in a single operation? 


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Provisioning Jabber clients with PCP

There are specific ways to do specific things.

If you want to configure a specific Jabber endpoint  for IM/P and voice with a line, a line and voicemail or a line and  unified messaging, then provision it as an endpoint. This can be done  through a service like Endpoint Service or Enhanced Endpoint Service.  Pick the endpoint like iPhone or Android and then follow the order  wizard steps.  This targets what you are doing to a specific Jabber  client.

If you want to configure a bunch of Jabber clients all  at once then pick Jabber Service. They should all then have user and  system related configurations, and support IM and Presence  functionality.  You may or may not want voice on any of these, you may  want shared lines on some or shared lines between some Jabber clients  and hard phones. Some might get voicemail or unified messaging. Since  there are so many permutations of line, voicemail and unified messaging  that could be on each Jabber client, the Jabber Service order wizard  could become a very long or complex process.

There are multiple choices for setting up Jabber  clients. You need to pick the most efficient based on what you want to  accomplish. If you have an iPhone that needs Jabber with a line and  voicemail, and you have an iPAD and desktop with just IM&P, do the  iphone using Enhanced Endpoint Service and the iPAD/desktop with Jabber  service.

This is my understanding of how these features were developed in the product and how they are to be used.

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Provisioning Jabber clients with PCP

Thank you for the response. 

If you are correct, then there isn't (what I would consider) an efficient way of provisiong a typical CUWL user as it would require multiple operations.

Users with multiple devices are becoming very common.  For my typical customer, new user provisioning would include all of the following:

Add desk phone with personal line

Add voicemail with single inbox

Enable IM & P on end user account

Add user to End User and CTI Enabled groups

Add JFW CSF device with personal line (subset of all users but very common)

Add Jabber mobile device with personal line (subset of all users but becoming more common)

From the perspective of the customer, this is a single provisioning ticket.  In PCP this would require somewhere between 3 and 6 jobs I think. 

My fear is that, when I show PCP 10 to customers they are not going to see this as enough of an improvement over the status-quo to warrant the extra overhead of another application. 

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