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1721+voice support

Hi everybody

I should design a project that connects 12 1721 router to 3845 router with point to multipoint. but I should design voice obtion between these routers. it means that I want to have 4 voice channel between 1721 & 3845. but 1721 router does not support vic-4fxo or vic-4fxs.

could you pls tell me how can I do it?



Re: 1721+voice support


If you are interested only in 1700 series router then better check out 1760 model which supports 2 VIC cards wherein you will get 4 ports.

Else you can think off going on for possible ISR series routers which can afford you the required voice ports.


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Re: 1721+voice support

Hi spremkumer

thanks for your attention.but we have these 12 routers (1721) now .it's problem!

I want to know that is there any solution about support voice on 1721?

besr regards

Re: 1721+voice support


1721 will not support voice, but there is a IP-PBX solution from Linksys (Fully owned by Cisco).You can opt for SPA9000 which is to be kept at main office and SPA3102(Phone Adapter) or SPA900(IP phones) at remote locations.

These units basically work on your existing IP network (which you already have).

Pls visit for more info.

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Re: 1721+voice support


I am looking for a solution for a similar issue. I have a Linksys WIP330 Wi-Fi VoIP phone connected to Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 Wireless Access Point, which is, in turn, connected to Linksys RV082 router. The VoIP provider is BroadVoice. Calls to PSTN numbers are fine, except that I can't send any DTMF signals after the connection is made.

That is, if I need to dial an extension, or punch some digit to respond to a voice system prompt, or put in a password, it will not go through. The reason is that RV082 apparently does not handle SIP traffic properly. I was looking for something that does. Somebody mentioned Cisco 1760, but didn't give me any details.

Is that really a solution? I mean, this baby is rather pricey, so I would really want to do all the research before getting one.

Any and all info., even surmises and speculation, would be highly appreciated.

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