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1841 adsl To DSLAM Issue

Hi my issue is connecting an 1841 with adsl wic to certain dslams the router in question connects perfectly from a different site but refuses to connect on this particular site how ever a similarly configured 837 router does connect from this site

any ideas

the dslam in question is a marconi 2500


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Re: 1841 adsl To DSLAM Issue

Check and report "show dsl interface" please.

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Re: 1841 adsl To DSLAM Issue

#sh dsl interface


Alcatel 20150 chipset information

Line not activated: displaying cached data from last activation


Modem Status: Showtime (DMTDSL_DO_OPEN)

DSL Mode: ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A

ITU STD NUM: 0x01 0x1

Vendor ID: ' ' 'P '

Vendor Specific: 0xDBB0 0x0000

Vendor Country: 0x04 0xB5

Capacity Used: 11% 36%

Noise Margin: 18.5 dB 12.0 dB

Output Power: 8.0 dBm -3.0 dBm

Attenuation: 31.5 dB 16.0 dB

FEC ES Errors: 0 0

ES Errors: 2706 0

SES Errors: 0 0

LOSES Errors: 0 0

UES Errors: 0 0

Defect Status: LOF None

Last Fail Code: Handshake or init message invalid or had bad CRC

Watchdog Counter: 0x52

Watchdog Resets: 0

Selftest Result: 0x00

Subfunction: 0x15

Interrupts: 14865 (0 spurious)

PHY Access Err: 0

Activations: 2706

LED Status: OFF

LED On Time: 100

LED Off Time: 100

Init FW: ASW_init_3_8_131.bin

Operation FW: ASW_R3_8_131.bin

FW Source: embedded

FW Version: 3.8.131

Interleave Fast Interleave Fast

Speed (kbps): 0 512 0 256

Cells: 0 0 0 178

Reed-Solomon EC: 0 0 0 0

CRC Errors: 0 0 0 0

Header Errors: 0 0 0 0

Bit Errors: 0 0

BER Valid sec: 0 0

BER Invalid sec: 0 0

LOM Monitoring : Disabled

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Re: 1841 adsl To DSLAM Issue

Which IOS is this? You have DSL FW 3.8.131, that as far as I know, has never been released.

Try for example FW 3.0.33 from:

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