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2811 DSL cables


I have recently bought a 2811 complete with one HWIC1ADSL and 3 HWIC1ADSLI interfaces.

I am not having any joy getting the interfaces connected to my ISP line.

I have a Telekom analogue line fitted with a POTs splitter. I've tried connecting the Cisco RJ11 cable from the HWIC1ADSL (DSLoverPOTs) to the RJ45 port on the Telekom BBAE splitter, but the line CD led just keeps blinking, and a "test connection" with the CCP software reports "the interface is down".

I get the same result if I connect one of the HWIC1ADSLI interfaces to an ISDN splitter or to the BBAE splitter (I read on another forum that all Telekom DSL lines work according to Annex B (ISDN) and not AnnexA (POTs) so the HWIC1ADSL interface wouldn't work at all.

My question: can I use a standard Cisco RJ11 cable, when the port I'm plugging into is an RJ45, or do I need something else?

Many thanks,

Peter Wild

Community Member

Re: 2811 DSL cables

You should be able to use a standard RJ11 cable. It sounds to me like you don't have authentication configured. I'm not sure that you will get a solid light until you are authenticated.

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