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857W Bridging

We have a 857W and an ADSL connection. The provider gave us one IP and I need to connect our firewall behind it using the same IP address they gave us. Would I bridge the dialer0 interface and add the bridge group to the vlan interface? If so what IP would the BVI use? Thanks for your help.


Re: 857W Bridging

Assign a network layer address for the protocol being routed.

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Re: 857W Bridging

Which kind of connection is it ? If PPPoE and the FW does not support that, it cannot be done.

In any case, you will configure bridging under int atm0.1 point-to-point and vlan 1.

You will not configure at all the BVI because there is no public address it can use, and you will not have "bridge irb" and "bridge 1 route ip".

Similarly, the wireless interface will remain unused.

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Re: 857W Bridging

Thank you for the response. The firewall is a CheckPoint Edge, I'll have to see if it will do PPPoE because the connection is PPPoE. Why does the FW have to be able to do PPPoE?

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Re: 857W Bridging

Because you want the FW to get the public address, ad it is not possible to have both the router and the FW to use the same public address.

Alternatively, give a private address to the FW, or use instead the router as FW.

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