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877 COnfiguration

I had been received a new DSL line from a service provider and configured two cisco 877 with ADSL interfaces. Configures the atm0 interfaces at both the ends...but even after in interface and line protocol status is up.. couldn't ping my local atm interface IPs assigned to Cisco 877.

What would be the Problem?

Please help me out ...


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Re: 877 COnfiguration

Please send configuration and what you've been told by ISP about the circuit (VPI/VCI value, encapsulatin method).

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Re: 877 COnfiguration

Kindly find attached config for remote 877 router. Is it optional or Mandatory to use VPI/VCI values and encapsulation from service provider only ?

As in this case service provider has not provided any of these values , we used it as standard 0/35 . kindly please clear.

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Re: 877 COnfiguration

please find attachment...

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Re: 877 COnfiguration

Please ask ISP what encapsulation typoe (PPPoA, PPPoE, bridged rfc1483, etc).

If they cannot answer, ans if you need username and password to connect. If yes, we know that is some form of PPP. If not, we try the rfc1483 configs.

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