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ACS48 as console server

I've been trying to setup an ACS48 Avocent/Cyclades console server on my home lab.  I followed the manual as far as configuring the ACS48, but am not able to connect to any devices.  I don't have the ADB0039 adapter, but did make an adapter using that pinout.  I'm hoping for some assistance determining if the cable or ACS48 configs are incorrect.

If anyone is using the same console server, I'd greatly appreciate any tips on the setup as well as a confirmation that the ADB0039 adapter pinouts are correct.




Re:ACS48 as console server

Nevermind. Got it.

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ACS48 as console server


I have the ACS48 and am just starting my Cisco studies.

I have assembled several home routers and switches in two 12U desktop mini racks along with a rackmount Ubuntu PC

I was fortunate enough to grab my ACS48 off ebay new in the box for $65 and is has all the goodies with it.

I know little of Linux but have managed to get the ACS48 going and even update it's firmware to the latest code

I have my security model set to Open on the Cyclades and am trying to Telnet into it using PuTTY with the IP address and port but am not having any luck.

I have the Cyclades Cisco adapter plugged into the console port on a router and a straight thru short cat5 patch cable plugged into the adapter and then the serial port on the ACS48 I am trying to connect to via PuTTY

Anyone have experience with this?


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ACS48 as console server

OK..... I found my own answers

1st: Indivual Ports must be enabled in the Cyclades Web Manager under the top PORTS tab and then the Physical ports selector. Don't forget to apply and save.

2nd: In PuTTY, the IP address of the terminal server is used of course but most important a 4 digit port number is used that starts with 70 and then the 2 digit port number from 01 to 48  or  7001 to 7048 as input into PuTTY.

That's it....

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