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AS5350 NVRAM failed

Hi all,

An AS5350 access server doesn't boot, possibly because of NVRAM's damage.

Actually, during booting we receive the following messages:

- Warning: monitor nvram area is corrupt ... using default values

- Warning: NVRAM size is 0

- environment checksum in NVRAM failed

and the system always returns in rommon prompt.

Does anybody know how can we boot the system in such a case? We don't care if we lose the running-config in the case of reset.

Thanks in advance,


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New Member

Re: AS5350 NVRAM failed

rommon 3 > boot bootflash:c6sup-jsdbg-mz.120-7T.XE1.2.02.bin


rommon3 > confreg 0x2142 << i think this should help

rommon4> reset


see if this docs helps

Like most IOS functions, there is always more then one option and they differ depending on the hardware platform. The configuration-register is no different. Here are a number of configuration-register settings that can be utilized to set the boot behavior of the router:

0x2002 - Sets the router to boot normally, but enables the "break" (alt-b) option to drop into rommon after the router has booted. Use this option when debugging only. Leaving it enabled on a production router is quite risky. Once you have dropped into rommon, you can return to the IOS on some platforms with the command .

0x2010 - Sets the router check NVRAM for configuration data and boot directly into rommon. To boot the router, type or . The "break" option is also enabled. This is also a "debugging" option. Once rommon has loaded, you can boot the router by typing the command. You can see the available IOS images using the

. To boot a specific image, type followed by the device and filename.

0x8000 - Sets the router to boot in diagnostic mode on 7x00, 4x00, and 2x00 routers. This loads you into rommon. There you can then execute the command to have full access to the diagnostic tools. Be very careful here. You can easily damage your router if you don't know what you're doing.

0x2101 - Sets the router to boot off of the IOS ROM (7x00, 25xx and 4x00 routers). Provided your router supports this option. Otherwise the router will boot the first IOS image on the FLASH/ATA file system.

0x2102 - The default conf-reg setting, The router processes any "boot system" definition and then follows the default boot process order (FLASH:TFTP:ROM).

0x2141 - Sets the router to load the ROM IOS version and ignore the NVRAM startup-config. This setting is used when recovering from a corrupted IOS or a password lockout on an IOS ROM option router.


Try the following 0x2142


0x2142 - Sets the router to load the IOS from flash and ignore the NVRAM startup-config, booting the router into initial configuration mode. This is the Cisco recommended value for performing password lockout recovery.

and the hardware guide ....

rate if this helps

Re: AS5350 NVRAM failed


the error message you have posted usually indicates a hardware failure. If you cannot get the router to boot manually with a 'boot' command from within ROMMON mode, the most likely cause is that your NVRAM, which is physically located on the motherboard of the AS5350, is damaged, which means you need to RMA (return to Cisco) the device...