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ASA RDP Plugin fails to connect

I have an ASA 5520 running 9.1.4, with the 1.1.1 RDP plugin installed.

I've configured up two RDP bookmarks to two Win2K8 servers. One connects fine, the other always fails. If I enable the Java console, I see the message below for the failed connection:

390 [Thread-15] INFO net.propero.rdp  - properJavaRDP version 1.1

390 [Thread-15] INFO net.propero.rdp  - Java version is 1.7

390 [Thread-15] INFO net.propero.rdp  - Operating System is Windows 7 version 6.1

499 [Thread-15] INFO net.propero.rdp  - Connecting to ...

2527 [Thread-15] INFO net.propero.rdp.Rdp  -

    at Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.ISO.tcp_recv(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.ISO.receiveMessageex(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.ISO.receiveMessage(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.ISO.connect(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.MCS.connect(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.Secure.connect(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.Secure.connect(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.Rdp.connect(Unknown Source)

    at net.propero.rdp.Rdesktop.main(Unknown Source)

    at Source)

1 - Any suggests as to what might be different between the two servers which would cause one to fail?

2 - The client is IE11 on Win 8. What do I need to do to enable the ActiveX RDP client? I always get presented with the Java client.



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