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ASA VPN to LAN not working

I am trying to set up a SsL VPN on this ASA5510. I can get to the web portal by going to http://xx.xx.xx.211 I can login as my test user, and I am able to ping, telnet and RDC using the web-portal.  When I connect to the using https://xx.xx.xx.211:10443 or xx.xx.xx.211 and AnyConnect I am not able to ping, telnet or RDC.

I am connecting via a Mac OSX 10.7 and also a Window 7 Pro machine 

I am  authenticating via a local username and password on the 5510.. 

I am using SSL and not IPSEC 


Thanks all 

I can post my config again if that would help.

I have also connected a PC directly to the E/1 interface and I can ping and RDC to that PC using the Anyconnect client and xx.xx.xx.211 public IP. When connected into the LAN via a 3760 that is when I can't connect to anything via Anyconnect but I am able using the Web-Portal. Also when connected to the LAN there is a sonicwall NSA 2400 might that be interfering wit AnyConnect?

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