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Bandwidth value not being applied via RADIUS


I have recently moved some of our DSL services onto a Cisco 7204 G1 running 12.2-33SRE7 advancedipservices.  To to this move the service were terminating on the same type of router, but using a different IOS stream - 12.4(24)T7 advancedipservices.

Since the move we are no longer able to apply this "lcp:interface-config=bandwidth 2000" via RADIUS (we use it for routing calculations)

By running "debug radius authentication" I can see the attribute hitting the 7204, but it's not being applied - instead a value of 1000000 is being applied.

As far as I can see the configs on both routers is the same, and I'm starting to think it's a bug, but, I wanted to get some other opinions.

Any help would be appreciated.


New Member

Bandwidth value not being applied via RADIUS

I've done some further testing and while DSL services delivered by L2TP are not having the bandwidth values applied, any PPTP sessions (using the same username, virtual-template and radius server) are having the bandwidth values applied.

The radius debug from both the L2TP and PPTP look similar with the obvious exceptions.

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Bandwidth value not being applied via RADIUS

I managed to fix my issue - this might be helpful to someone down the track.

In the vpdn group I added the following line

l2tp ignore tx-speed

I then had to kill the associated tunnels - then when the sessions came back online the bandwidth value was set via radius.

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