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Cable gaming woes

Hi there,

I've recently purchased your ECP2100R2 modem when subscribing to a local Mozambique Cable Internet Service Provider (

There were no hitches setting things up and am currently connected to the net. Browsing and most services seem to be working great, except for online gaming.

I can't get some of my games to connect to the gaming server on the Internet. I've since been advised to look at my modem/router settings and getting port forwarding to work.

Somehow this option doesn't seem to be available on the web interface I can access by pointing the browser to

Just wanted to know if this feature doesn't work at all, if I need a fixed ip address to use it, or if it's a problem with the model?

At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way of setting up port forwarding on the router at all. I just wonder if this makes Internet gaming impossible altogether?

I'd really appreciate any advice.

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Re: Cable gaming woes


Do you have any cisco product involved in this ?

Because if you don't, I'm sorry but this is not the right forum to ask.

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Re: Cable gaming woes

The modem box shows the make as being Scientific Atlanta a Cisco Company as the manufacturer. I'm unable to contact Scientific Atlanta at the support e-mail provided online (

My mails keep getting sent back as undelivered and listed as spam for different e-mail addresses that I tried (including the private isp provided one) That's how I ended up posting here.

Thing is if their support is non existent then, since they're a Cisco company I thought I might post here for help?

Maybe if anything someone can help me contact Scientific Atlanta support since their public e-mail address is returning everything?

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Re: Cable gaming woes


You are right in sharing your problems here then, can you tell us if the address assigned by your ISP is public or private (these begins with 10, 172.16, or 192.168) ?

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Re: Cable gaming woes

Thanks for attending to this then.

I have a normal class C address assigned.

Upon further investigating this, it looks like the problem is indeed with the modem/router ports being closed.

Funny enough the modem's web interface only gives an about report, and all the rest is disabled. It seems this interface allows for setting up port forwarding but the feature is by default disabled by the ISP.

I think I'm on the right track and asked them to please enable local port control on the modem/ router(by flashing it remotely?).

Hopefully this should allow me to open ports locally from my machine and get specific games to work by changing setup options?

Let's hope they are willing to be helpful since I'm particularly not happy with the fact of owning a modem whose ports I cannot open and close as I please at my own risk.

This of course being careful and all since I do have some net knowledge just never had cable Internet at home before.

Please let me know if I'm making sense :\

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Re: Cable gaming woes

Hi, if you are receiving a public IP address (NOT 192.168.x.x) the problem would not be with port forwarding and the modem being close. In fact, it would not be a problem at all.

Please confirm the first two bytes of the address assigned to your PC.

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Re: Cable gaming woes

I consistently get assigned class C public addresses. At the moment I have the usual 196.46.xx.xx address assigned.

After communicating with tech support someone informed me that it's possible to have local control over modem setup, including port forwarding. I've since asked the isp for this feature to be enabled remotely.

I don't understand what you mean, since I can't get my Blizzard games to connect to the gaming server. Would this not happen if the gaming ports were cosed in the modem/router?

Might have to ask for permission to run tracert from here as well since it isn't possible to do so at present.

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Cable gaming woes

Hi, this is strange because when your PC gets public IP addresses as opposed to private ones with NAT, there should be no need configure to port forwarding.

Apparently your ISP is doing NAT somewhere, or certain ports/protocols are blocked. They could be doing that either on the cable modem or somewhere else in the network.

Either way you're correct in escalating the issue with ISP, because there is no easy way you can fix the issue without their help.

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