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CHAP Dialing and Receiving Call


I'm implementing a solution, where few sites will be dialing and accepting calls.

For example, A will dial tp B when their primary is down, but when the B primary is down, it will dial to A, and vice-versa.

Trying to make this work using backuo interface, but in backup interface cannot accept calls.

Any idea how can this be perform??


Re: CHAP Dialing and Receiving Call


In this scenario you can have 2 dialer interfaces on both the sides binded to ur physical BRI interface in which you can use one dialer interface for dial out and one for dial in.

You need to take care of the dialer string and other authetication details on both the dialers.

Also the floating static routes thru both the dialer interfaces for your access as well as for the remote locations access.

do find the link which deals the same but with PRI its similar to the bri only the physical interface config changes.

for more info in dial technology do check this out ...


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Re: CHAP Dialing and Receiving Call

Okie..thanks for that..(dialer interface)

But I have another issue, coz im using dynamic routing, and i cant use floating route, coz i'll have to enter a total of 30 there a workaround for this??

Re: CHAP Dialing and Receiving Call


In that case do check out that your routing protocol doesnt trigger out the isdn call and also define static routes with higher admin distance than you default admin distance used by your routing protocol.


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