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Cisco 10K LNS - Help

Hello Everyone,

I could use some help.

First of all if I am in the wrong forum please let me know.


I have a Cisco 10k in production. This Cisco 10K acts as a termination point for a L2TP tunnel carrying PPP traffic.

There are times where we see a drop in ppp sessions but can't distingish which tunnel is carrying these ppp sessions that seem to be jammed or no working correctly.

As a result we tend to clear all the tunnels one by one to fix the problem.

My question is:

Is there a way to distingish which ppp traffic is having difficulties (is jammed) and which tunnel is carrying the jammed ppp traffic..

I tired..

show ppp queues

show vpdn tunnel l2tp transport

ect ect

not very detailed...

let me know..


Re: Cisco 10K LNS - Help

For congestion avoidance enable L2TP congestion avoidance on a tunnel endpoint, allowing dynamic throttling of the L2TP control packet window size.

You may perform this task on the following devices:

The tunnel server

The NAS when it is functioning as a tunnel endpoint

This task need only be performed on the sending device.


1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. l2tp congestion-control

For the further description follow the URL for the VPDN tunnel management, configuration & troubleshooting :

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Re: Cisco 10K LNS - Help

I did some research on the command is it's interesting.

The only problem is that it can only be configures on the LAC (NAS) router.. the Access portion..

We are the terminating protion.. the LNS..

I don't think it can work.


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