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Cisco AnyConnect and Linux

I am trying to access a cisco vpn site with my computer running linux (fedora 16).  If I go the the vpn gateway site I can either run the AnyConnect client 2.5  software from online or download and install it.  After I try to connect to the gateway I get this message:

AnyConnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway.  The local network may not be trustworthy.  Please try another network.

I have added the gateway website as an exception in firefox and when I try to navigate to the site with firefox I get a certificate warning, and if I disregard the warning and continue to the gateway I can then get to where anyconnect will load from online, but when I actually try to connect I get the message above.

My computer is a laptop and if I remove the drive with linux on it and replace it with one with windows on it and add the gateway to exceptions in internet explorer I again am prompted that there is a problem with the certificate, but, if I choose to continue and ignore the warning I can then connect.

I'd rather stay in linux rather than switch out hard drives.

Any suggestions?

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Cisco AnyConnect and Linux

Sounds like Linux needs the certificate installed before allowing access. Try to install the certificate in your trusted root certificate store and try to connect again.

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Cisco AnyConnect and Linux

I don't know what or where the certicate store is.

I copied the pem file for the site to: /opt/.cisco/certificates/ca, but I still get the error.

I've also done:

[root@localhost /]# mkdir /root/certs

[root@localhost /]# cp /home/tmort/Downloads/gd-class2-root.crt /root/certs

[root@localhost /]# cp /home/tmort/Downloads/gd_intermediate.crt /root/certs

I also followed some other instructions and copied the above files somewhere else, but, I still get the error

Can you elaborate?

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