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Cisco Client VPN disconnect leaves Host A on DNS

We have remote users that connect to our Win2003 with a Cisco VPN client

windows login is turned on in the Cisco VPN options.

My remote clients will log onto the laptops in the field then connect the cisco VPN to authenticate to our co network. Problem is when they disconnect they just disconnect the VPN client and continue to use the laptop for other local use.

Problem here is there is no network logoff to ipconfig /release the DNS host A record that was dynamically entered when the remote client logged into the pix/Win2003. So what happens after (cisco client vpn disconnect) is I am left with a Host A record on the DNS server since there was no proper logoff.

Any ideas on what to do here so I can properly remove the host A record from the DNS before the VPN disconnect event happens? Is there another way to handle this suitation ?

Thanks in Advance


Re: Cisco Client VPN disconnect leaves Host A on DNS

Make sure you use the setMTU.exe utility that was provided with the client to lower your MTU to 1400 or below on the NIC/Dialup card you are using.

You'll want to pull up the client, click on options --> windows logon properties and choose start before logon, then you'll want to connect with the client and register your computer on the domain. Then you'll want to disconnect, reboot your machine, and then when you hit control-alt-delete to log in you should see the client pop up at which point you should hit connect to make the connection. Then once the connection is established, hit control-alt-delete again to get your logon box. Log onto the local machine as if you were on teh remote network.

You should see better performance with this.

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Re: Cisco Client VPN disconnect leaves Host A on DNS

Woah!! Performance is not the issue.

I have remote domain client laptops that loginto the laptop and then connect to the domain with the vpn. It is the vpn DISCONNECT that is the issue. Our remote reps will still work off line on their laptops after they disconnect the vpn from the office and a host A record is left on the DNS server. What am I missing here? Is there another way for my remotes to work locally and connect to the office with the VPN when they need to? Any advice?

Thanks in Advance

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