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Cisco VPN client connect, but restricts LAN access even when ENABLED.

Our help desk (about 20 of us) connect to the corporate network from our location via the CISCO SYSTEMS VPN CLIENT software version number 4.0.3(f).

We DO have ENABLE LAN ACCESS checked, because (being a help desk) we need to access local printers, shared network resources, etc.

However, about 10 or 20 minutes after we connect via VPN client, it will cut off our local LAN access. When this happens, if we click on START we have to wait about 30 seconds for it to respond. If we click on RUN, we have to wait another 30 seconds or so. Just about anything we do is bugged by this horrible lagtime that makes us wait for 30 seconds at a time. When we start experiencing the lag, we can no longer access each others computers, shared network drives, network printers, NOTHING except the external internet and our intranet sites.

When we connect, and go to STATUS / STATISTICS, the box that displays information about the current connection comes up, and under the TRANSPORT section it says:

Transparant Tunneling: Active on TCP port 10001


Compression: NONE

Also, if we go to the ROUTE DETAILS, the entire lefthand side under LOCAL LAN ROUTES is completely empty.

We have found, that if we open a windows explorer folder of one of our network shares, and leave it opened (but minimized) then it isn't very likely to drop our LAN access. However, if we close that window, its usually within 30 minutes that our LAN access is dropped.

When we lose that access, we can disconnect our VPN client and re-connect, but all of our web applications for the intranet and our connection to our lotus notes mail server is terminated, so we have to close them all out and re-open them... but this constantly logging on or off is hardly an efficient use of our time.

Since we DO have the option enabled, but once connected the status displays DISABLED, would this be some kind of a server group policy being pushed down or something?

If so, what details would I need to provide our network administrators to see what can be done to fix this. It's just terribly annoying and a waste of our time. Any explanation or advice would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Cisco VPN client connect, but restricts LAN access even when

Easy-VPN and take a router to connect to the VPN instead of the PC itself. This would give you options to be connected locally (file/print) and yet access the Internet.

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Re: Cisco VPN client connect, but restricts LAN access even when

If you mean to try to get a hardware vpn router, then I think they have that in the works for us...but it could be months from what they say. We are just trying to improve our existing situation (if its possible) but it seems like to me that if we ENABLE LAN ACCESS that it should do so, what gets me is why does it still show DISABLED in the status after connecting.

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