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Cisco VPN Client license?


We have bought a Cisco 871 Router, and I cant seem to find out if we need to purchase licenses to use the VPN on this box.

Is the Cisco VPN client software licensed through the Cisco router or do we need to buy licenses for each user connecting to the router?

We do not have a service agreement or the ability to download the VPN-client from the Cisco website, so my next question is: Is it possible to get the Cisco VPN Client software without a service agreement?


Re: Cisco VPN Client license?

Hi Daniel

You dont need a license to use the VPN capabilities on the 871, but you will need a maintence contract for the download of the VPN client, here is the link :-')">

If you can't download this, then I guess you will have to use Lan to LAN or PPTP VPN's only.


Re: Cisco VPN Client license?

Hi Daniel,

You do have to have a support contract to download the VPN client. However there are several online retailers that sell the VPN client on disk.

Last I spoke to a Cisco rep about licensing he mentioned that the software is free with support contract, he also mentioned that it is not a per user license.



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Re: Cisco VPN Client license?

Hi Sam and thanks for your reply,

Ive seen that retailers sell the VPN Client media CD, so I guess that would sort it out.

Several universities are sharing the Cisco VPN Client from their university-websites for student-access. If I already have the VPN-client from their website, would I be in violation with any licensing rules if I use that software for a different purpose?

It seems like its the "access" to the software (media CD) that is sold by retail, rather than the software/license itself.

Best regards,



Re: Cisco VPN Client license?

From what the Cisco rep told me that is correct, the software is free. I dodn't see a problem with you using the software. If you want to be safe you can order the CD, I seem to remember that the cost is around $35.00 US.



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