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Configuring Terminal Lines and Modem Support

I'm looking at two Cisco PDF documents, "Configuring Terminal Lines and Modem Support" and "Terminal Lines and Modem Commands". They have a lot of good information. But one issue that I'm just not quite getting.

Basically, it says that I can assign async ports to a rotary group, and then I would use ports 30xx, 50xx, 70xx, where 3/5/7 determine the service, and the xx determines the rotary number. Or, I can use 20xx, 40xx, 60xx, where 2/4/6 determine the service, and xx is a n individual line number you want to connect to.

The issue I have is, using the rotary group seems to work, using the 30xx/50xx/70xx ports. But, I can't seem to get the 20xx/40xx/60xx ports to work, using individual line numbers.

As near as I can tell, the configuration should be identical whether I'm using rotary groups or not, except of course there would be no rotary group assigned. Everything else, like async mode, transport, etc., I think should be the same.

Any ideas on what piece of this puzzle I'm missing?

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Re: Configuring Terminal Lines and Modem Support

Okay, I'm a moron. The problem was trivial. I'm using a HWIC-16A 16-port async card. I guess I just assumed the line number would start with 1, but AUX uses line 1 and this device is assigned lines 2-17. I found this out by the "show line" command. Now that I use ports 2002 - 2017, it looks like it works. At least so far, I have to do more testing. But I think so.

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Re: Configuring Terminal Lines and Modem Support

Yes, you are correct. I mean about the port numbering, not the moron part :-)

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