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Convert Async data to IP packets


I will like to find out how to convert Async data to IP packets and then deliver the packets across my frame-relay WAN. Currently the AUX port of the 1841 router is connected to the remote end directly without going through any DCE device. The remote end is a data sharing device (DSD) port with no authentication required for connecting. I have configured the AUX port as well as creating an async interface associated with the AUX port which is Async 1. The result is that the input counters of the AUX port is increasing with no errors indicating that the async data has been received but however, on the Async interface, the input counter remain 0. Since there are no authentication required to initiate the connection, the encapsulation for Async 1 is set as default which is SLIP.

Eventually, the serial interface of the 1841 router will be connected to the remote end (DSD port) via a Smart serial to RS232 to DB25 cable. I am trying to convert the Async data to IP using AUX port first and then will connect to serial port if the AUX is sucessful.Can anyone please advise on what might be wrong? Thanks.


Re: Convert Async data to IP packets

interface Serial0/0/0

| dialer in-band

line 0/0/0

modem inout

transport input all

This URl should help you:

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Re: Convert Async data to IP packets

Hi Shannon

Thanks for your help.

I have added in the configs and reconnect the DSD to the serial port of the router. But there seems to be no input on the serial interface as well as the line interface. I can confirm that the DSD is outputing data using hyperterminal. The DSD is currently set as DCE and if we connect it directly to the AUX port, it reflect that there are inputs coming in. But now, we connect it to the smart serial port and observe no inputs received on both the line and serial interface. Any ideas on what might went wrong?


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