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Dial in server for windows clients

I am trying to setup a dial in server for remote users over analog phone line.

I have a Cisco 2600 router, with a NM-8AM.

I found this document:

I copied the config very carefully and can't seem to make things work

Here is the network layout

Remote Laptop PPP Analog modem

(assigned ip of



Cisco router 2600

Ethernet interface (



Corporate network (

When I dial into router, if gives me ip address of, default gateway is same, and server ip is (address of loopback)

I can ping router at either or, but I can't ping anything on the other side of the router (corporate network) subnet

It must be something I am missing in routing, I enabled ip routing and ip cef.

I want to use static routing and shouldn't need a routing protocol.

What am I missing?

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Re: Dial in server for windows clients


the fact that your client gets an IP address which is at the same time the default gateway is expected behaviour, the dial-in router gives out what is called a host route. Can you post the entire configuration of your 2600 router ? Also, check the routing table of your client (route print), what does it say about getting to the network ?



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Re: Dial in server for windows clients


My first guess is that if you are trying to do this with static routing that the router(s) for the corporate network probably do not have a route for the subnet. Therefore they can not send responses to the remote clients.

You can check this by doing show ip route on the corporate router. I suspect that either it does not have a route for that at all or that it does have a route (probably a summary route) but it does not point toward the 2600 router.

If this does not solve the problem we may need a few more details about the network topology and how the router is configured.



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Re: Dial in server for windows clients

Thanks Rick,

I put a route on my router to, I should have thought about that, but I didn't. Makes perfect sense.

Dialin server now works great.

Now I need to figure out how to make the Cisco router dialout.

Can you help with that?

I need it to be able to dial out on demand, to a remote location, it is not a cisco router on the other end, but a DCB IP6600 router. It is just a standard PPP connection. I can dial in to it with my laptop ok.

I would like the cisco router to dial remote location when traffic is requested to that ip address and then disconnect after inactivity. Any docs online to show examples?

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Re: Dial in server for windows clients

You should try this link as a starting point. DDR, or Dial on Demand routing is what you're looking for. Don't forget to define an interesting traffic ACL for your connections. Or you're connections may timeout before they're really idle.

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Re: Dial in server for windows clients