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Dialer Watch failure

All, I have numerous international sites with leased connections that are backed up via ISDN using Dialer Watch. I have noticed that after about a year, the dialer watch stops working. I have performed a "Debug ISDN Events" and cleared the IP route which should trigger the dialer watch, and nothing happens even though the route is not present in the routing table. It almost sounds like there is some kind of memory leak associated with ISDN processes. If I perform a test call or reboot the router everything starts working again. I have noticed this 3 times on 3 seperate platforms; 2600, 2811, and 3640. I am also using various IOS's on each. I scoured Cisco's website and found nothing. Has any experienced anything like this?

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Re: Dialer Watch failure

Verify that the DDR connection is working properly before you configure dialer watch. Verify there are two dialer map statements on the backup interface.

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Re: Dialer Watch failure

Yes, Our DDR connections have been working properly for a long period of time. They just happen to quit working at in-opportune moments. I did find the reference to two dialer map statements very useful. Currently we only use the dialer watch. I will add the second map statement. Thank You!

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