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Dialer watch over Ethernet

I want to use DSL for backup of my MPLS network. I plan to use an external ethernet connected device for DSL access. I plan to use a GRE tunnel over the DSL connection. Can I use dialer watch to bring up the tunnel interface?


Re: Dialer watch over Ethernet


Whats the kinda connectivity which gets u connected to the MPLS network ?

I think u can make use of simple static routes over the primary and the secondary link.

Route over primary link without any admin distance and the route over the secondary GRE with some admin distance so if the primary link goes down ur traffic can take the secondary path via the secondary DSL(GRE) link..


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Re: Dialer watch over Ethernet

I don't want the GRE tunnel up all the time, only when required. I wil be using multiple T1's configured for MLPP for the primary MPLS connection. I currrently have Frame Relay in which I use the 'backup interface' command which keeps the backup interface in 'standby' until required. Since I will now have multiple interfaces on the primary, that is no longer an option. Hence my question, can I use dialer watch over an Ethernet????

Thanks, Gardner

Re: Dialer watch over Ethernet


I feel once u are up with MLPP you can configure up the backup interface command under the multilink interface which will take care of traffic forwarding thru the tunnel interface when the main multilink interface goes down.

Again by using floating static routes you are not actually pushing the traffic via the tunnel interface which is built over the DSL link ,but ur GRE will show up up based on the reachability.

Since the floating static route wont be in effect untill unless the main link goes down and the route pointing via the main link removed from the routing table automatically.

Also if you are still interested in tracking feature i would suggest to check out object tracking feature which is available with cisco ios which works good..

do refer this link for more info on the same..


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Re: Dialer watch over Ethernet

I do not know the answer for sure, but I believe that Dialer Watch will not work for the Ethernet/DSL connection. And I wonder why the original post believes that they want it. The motivation for dialer watch is for traditional dial environments where you pay connect time charges and do not want to pay for connectivity when the primary link is available. But with DSL you are not paying connect time charges. You pay the same whether the DSL is actively carrying traffic or not. So why would you want to try to keep the Ethernet or the GRE down while the MPLS was up?

It seems to me that what is needed here is a reliable fail-over mechanism so that traffic is sent over the MPLS when it is available and is sent over the Ethernet/DSL/GRE when MPLS is not available. Without knowing a little more about the environment it is hard to suggest an optimum solution. But I have implemented something that seems a bit similar where DSL/GRE was a backup connection. We ran a dynamic routing protocol over the primary link and over the backup DSL/GRE and configured it so that the protocol preferred the main link and would use the DSL/GRE only when it lost the neighbor relationship on the primary link. It seems like the same approach should work here.



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