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Dialin to HWIC-3G-GSM


I want to use a HWIC-3G-GSM for remote dialin connection. My configuration looks like this:

interface Cellular0/3/0
ip address
encapsulation ppp
dialer in-band
dialer-group 1
async mode interactive
dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit


line 0/3/0

no exec

transport input all

rxspeed 236800

txspeed 118000

I assume that I need a chat-script, but I cannot find anything for dialin. All chat-scripts try to dialout to provide backup connectivity for a wan failure, but this is not my scenario.

Does anyone know what for AT commands need to be passed to the modem to setup dialin? At the moment, my dialin attempt looks like this (debug chat + ppp nego)

Trying ...
As65 DDR: rotor dialout [best] least recent failure is also most recent failure
As65 DDR: rotor dialout [best] also has most recent failure
As65 DDR: rotor dialout [best]
As65 DDR: Dialing cause ip (s=, d=
As65 DDR: Attempting to dial xxxxxx
CHAT65: Attempting async line dialer script
CHAT65: no matching chat script found for xxxx
CHAT65: Dialing using Modem script: d0efault-d0ials0cript & System script: none
CHAT65: process started
CHAT65: Asserting DTR
CHAT65: Chat script d0efault-d0ials0cript started
CHAT65: Chat script d0efault-d0ials0cript finished, status = Success
%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Async65, changed state to up
As65 DDR: Dialer statechange to up
%DIALER-6-BIND: Interface As65 bound to profile Di1
As65 DDR: Dialer call has been placed
As65 PPP: Using dialer call direction
As65 PPP: Treating connection as a callout
As65 PPP: Session handle[C50001D8] Session id[100]
As65 PPP: Phase is ESTABLISHING, Active Open
As65 LCP: O CONFREQ [Closed] id 178 len 25
As65 LCP:    ACCM 0x000A0000 (0x0206000A0000)
As65 LCP:    AuthProto CHAP (0x0305C22305)
As65 LCP:    MagicNumber 0x15783024 (0x050615783024)
As65 LCP:    PFC (0x0702)
As65 LCP:    ACFC (0x0802)
As65 LCP: Timeout: State REQsent

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