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Dialup access on 2851 router

I am configuring a 2851 router with a NM-1CE1T1-PRI card and a PVDM2-12DM module. This router will be used for dial-up access for remote clients only. I have configured the T1 controller, group-async interface and applicable lines (see attached config). When the number is dialed I don't get any ringing, but the call appears to connect, however, I just get dead air. I have ran various debug and logging commands and I'm not seeing anything in terms of erorrs or line activity. The T1 is straight 24 channels for dial-up, no D-channel.

Also, is it correct to us the DS0-group command in the controller? When I tried the pri-group and channel-group commands they created a serial D-channel, which I'm not using. I am running 12.4.11T, modem firmware v3.07.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Dialup access on 2851 router

To define T1 channels for compressed voice calls and the channel-associated signaling (CAS) method by which the router connects to the PBX or PSTN, enter the ds0-group controller configuration command. The no form of the command removes the group and signaling setting. This command is supported from the IOS versions 12.1 and 12.1(3)T.

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Re: Dialup access on 2851 router

We resolved the problem. The modems in the PVDM2-12DM module were not answering inbound calls because the command MODEM DIALIN or MODEM INOUT was missing from the LINE 0/322 0/333 configuration.

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