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DSL test lab w/ WIC-1ADSL

Hi folks,

I regularly configure Cisco 800-series routers for field deployment, and I'd love to be able to run through some simulations on the 8x7 ADSL series (837 and 877) in my test lab. I also have a few WIC-1ADSL modules for my 2600/2800 routers.

I know that you can do back-to-back configurations with GHDSL wics, but it doesn't seem to be possible with the internal ADSL modems on the 800's and/or the WIC-1ADSL's.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? I'm looking for the easiest & cheapest way to connect two 8x7's to each other via the ADSL (RJ-11) port, and/or to a WIC-1ADSL.

I'm not necessarily interested in recreating/simulating an entire service-provider infrastructure (yet ;-), my initial goal is just straight connectivity. I'm /not/ familiar with ATM switch or DSLAM specs or configuration, but I'm willing to learn, however I can't spend days and days bringing myself up to speed. Again, getting the connectivity between the CPE devices is primary; the guts of DSL and any required jury-rigging are secondary.



Re: DSL test lab w/ WIC-1ADSL

The Cisco 850 series and Cisco 870 series routers support the dial backup function, which allows a user to connect an analog modem to the console port as a backup link to the WAN port in case the ADSL service goes down. Refer URL

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