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duplicate static routes to 1 location

I have a remote office with a 2600 LL & ISDN backup. Using dialer groups. I need the router to backup to the primary site via isdn to corporate RAS, however in the event of a major primary site diaster where by RAS is not responding i need to ISDN dial to an ISP and establish a VPN Connection.

Is it possible to redirect interisting traffic from a dialer group to a second dialer group after a period of unsuccessful connection attempts.


Re: duplicate static routes to 1 location


I feel you need to have one more string configured under your dialer interface which could do the trick,once you get busy or unable to connect with the first primary number/string mentioned it will definetly try out for the second dialer string mentioned under the dialer config.

But you need to make sure that the profiles match for both dial outs..


Re: duplicate static routes to 1 location


We have a configuration in use where a RAS router is used "on the road" so as we do not know, whether a leading "0" will be needed to dial in from the environmet it will be used in, we have several telephone numbers in there. The router will try one after the other until a connection can be established.

interface Dialer2

ip address negotiated

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

dialer remote-name xxxxxx

dialer string 0800123456

dialer string 00800123456


You can replace the telephone numbers with something suitable for your environment.

This will in a first step initialize the proper telephone connection.

Regarding the VPN connection which should only be used when connecting to the ISP: you could try to bind the crypto part to the dialer. In case the router is connected to the company RAS the tunnel should be not established and packets should thererfore be routed normally. In case the VPN gateway is reachable through the ISP then the tunnel should come up and you use the VPN connection.

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Regards, Martin

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