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functionality of dialer map on a called router

I'm having an issue with eigrp protocol over and ISDN connection that I have solved; however, I'm not sure why my solution works. I have a remote router that can call into a hub site using two unique spids. I have a dialer map statement on the hub site that only referenced one of the spids: ie. dialer map ip name Remote broadcast spid1. When the remote calls over spid1 I have no problem with the eigrp protocol neighbor adjacency; however if the remote calls on spid2, the isdn call comes up, ppp negotiates correctly and I can ping across the site; however, the eigrp adjacency doesn't work. I had to add a second dialer map on the hub with the same information as the first except I had to put spid2 on the end as opposed to spid1. Now it works correctly. Not sure why this is needed as I thought dialer map at hub end was only for chap authentication. The dialer interface on the hub site is a vrf interface; however I have the same issue when I take the vrf off of this interface as well. Any ideas ?

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Re: functionality of dialer map on a called router

Hi, that is strange because spid should not influence eigrp, beside dialer map on a called router is dynamic and should not be needed at all. Not sure what steps you would have to take as opposed as leaving things working thye way they are.

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Re: functionality of dialer map on a called router

Thanks. Exactly what I thought as well. It could be a bug or it could be some internal caching that the router is doing. I didn't mention that on the called side the dialer is in a vrf; however, I think that I tried it w/o the vrf complication and it worked the same. Thanks for your opinion. I'm awaiting an answer to my problem from cisco-none yet.

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