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G703 unframed connection

I have been trying, without much success to try and find a solution for connecting a Cisco 2620XM router to a 2mb Circuit that is presented as G703 unframed (the physical presentation is RJ45 - 120 Ohm unbalanced). Could anyone suggest an appropriate card and connecting cable (RJ45-RJ45) to use in this situation?

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Re: G703 unframed connection

Thanks for your response. I have already tried three different cards in the back of the Cisco 2600 router. The first was a basic WIC-1T card with X21 connection, the second was a VWIC-1MFT-E1 card and the last was VWIC-1MFT-G703 card. I was unable to configure the E1 controller as unframed when using the VWIC-1MFT-E1 card as it would only allow me to configure framed channel-groups. I did manage to configure an unframed channel-group when configuring the VWIC-1MFT-G703 card, however when it was plugged into the circuit the controller would not come up and there was an alarm light (AL) on the back of the card. I used the cable CAB-E1-RJ45TE= to connect the VWIC card to the RJ45 presentation for the circuit.

Re: G703 unframed connection


(1)I dont know which country standards you are using, but in mine(India), we are doing following config for a unframed PRI.

(2)Also you have not mentioned that you want to configure PRI for voice or data?

(3)The cable for MFT cards is a simple RJ-45 cable in which out of 8 pins you only have to use 4.

1,2 for RX and 4,5 for TX.

(4)Mentioned below is for 2Mbps data which I configure and it works:

"card type e1

channel-group 0 timeslots 1-31 speed 64

linecode HDB3

clock source line

framing no-CRC4

int s0:15

ip add



.................thats it.If every thing is properly configured then the AL led will go off.

Pls revert back in case of any problem.

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Re: G703 unframed connection

Thanks for you reply.

(1) The country we are working in is France. The Circuit goes between the UK and France.

(2) This is not a PRI as far as I know. We are using this a PTP serial link at a speed of 2mb. I have tried using the two types of linecode that are available to me in the software: AMI and HDB3.

(3) Is the cable that I mentioned in my last message the correct one? (CAB-E1-RJ45TE=) or should I use another e.g. CAB-E1-RJ45NT?

(4) I have tried the configuration example you have given when configuring the E1 type card. When configuring the G703 card I used:

router(config)#controller E1 0/0

channel-group 0 unframed

interface serial0/0:0

ip address

The controller would not come up as it stated that it was not receiving a signal.

Re: G703 unframed connection


(1)Since its a P2P link, What is the termination type at your end?Is it on a modem or a simple 4 wire copper has been laid at your end?

(2)If its a E1 termination, then the config I have given will definately work.

(3)IF its a normal p2p link, then you need to install the modems at both the ends and they will be terminated on a router's serial(WIC) card.In that case , please tell us its a ppp or frame-relay connectivity?

Plsease confirm above, then we will proceed further.



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