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Help in Router-Modem Config


Need some advice in the configuration.

My customer had subscribed a GPRS line, in which he was given two GPRS modems with SIM card each. If he connects the GPRS modem to the PC directly at each remote location, both modem are able to dial to each other. So we are using the PC to initiate the modem to make a call.

But right now my customer would like to use a router to initiate the modem(on both ends) to make the call instead of using the PC.

So right now I got a problem how to "simulate" the router to act like the PC to initiate the call. I had scanned thru the router config guide, all need to config IP address, encapsulation etc. However the PC-setup, there is no such parameter, it is just simply create a dialer setup, call the telco number, and put in some AD command to the modem, and it is able to connect. The protocol use is PPP,microsoft.

I had talked to Telco, the engineer also dunno how to relate the PC config to a router setup, they never did it before.

Any advise ?


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Re: Help in Router-Modem Config

This should help you out "Modem-Router Configuration Guide"

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