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'integrated DSU' - what does it mean?


NM-4E1-IMA network modules are said to have integrated DSU. Does it mean that I don't have to install some kind of DSL modem to transmit E1 to a long distance?

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Re: 'integrated DSU' - what does it mean?


You dont need any external device to get ur equipment connected to ur nearest SP or Telco.

W/O any external device u just can plugin the input from the jack onto ur equipment which will connect u to the Telco..

for more info on that do check this link ..


Re: 'integrated DSU' - what does it mean?

Please be very careful here. DSL is not E1 they are 2 different types of signals/circuits. E1 is the european standard for T1 type signaling. This card allows you to have 4 E1 connections and they can all be bonded together to give you a max speed 2.048M x4. If the provider has a IMA connection at their end.

Integrated DSU does mean that the DSU is built in and if you have ordered E1 circuits you can plug directly into the E1 Demarc from the NM-4E1-IMA. This cable will usually have an RJ-45 end and use pins 1,2,4,5. Make sure your provider knows you have this card so they do not install DSU's instaed of a basic demarc. I have run into situations where the provider will not allow this type of connection to their network. So make sure you talk with them.

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