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Interesting q931 challenge

I'm working with a small telco who indicated they have a reduced connection to long distance (MCI).

As I understand it maybe the ISDN calls are not handed off digitally.

When I hook up my equipment, I can't get a long distance ISDN link to come up from this small town to the home router.

Is there a way to trick ISDN into answering a digital call coming in as an analog call?

The local telco vendor indicated there is a work around by using the following command. I attempted every variation of this command on both calling and recieving routers without success.

Command: ISDN not-end-to-end {56|64}

What is the purpose of this command if not to cover non-ISDN calls? Wouldn't a non-ISDN call be an analog call?

When debugging,

On the home router, when I call or get called my debug result is

"cause i=)x82D8 Incompatible Destination".

On the router in the small town, I get Cause i=0x84C1 -Bearer capability not implemented.

How can I get this ISDN connection to work?

The local telco vendor is still working on it, as am I.




Re: Interesting q931 challenge

Hello Mark,

the 'isdn not-end-to-end' would be used when there is an issue with the speed of the incoming connection. Some older TELCO switches support only 56kbps...

You can also try and append the command 'speed 56' or 'speed 64' to your dialer maps, or configure this in a dialer class if you use profiles.

I wonder if this is your issue though. The debug indicates that the bearer capability is not implemented, so the problem is most likely at the Telco side...



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Re: Interesting q931 challenge

Thanks for your reply.

We found this link

but still could not get it to work.

We can get connected, but are unable to get LCP to open up.

Do you think this is because the telco can not provide DOV (Data over voice)?

See the last sentance in the "Before you Begin" section.

"Verify that your Telco can handle DOV calls before you configure this feature, else the call setup may succeeed but tht data will be corrupted."

Do you think corrupted data would keep LCP from working?

Do you know of any links about getting LCP to work?

Thanks, Mark

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