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ISDN dial out errors

can any one give me pointers as to what the following debug is telling my, when I am trying to call out from an ISDN router

*Mar 1 00:29:31.359: ISDN BR0 EVENT: UserIdle: callid 0x800B received ISDN_CALL (0x0)

*Mar 1 00:29:31.359: ISDN BR0 **ERROR**: process_bri_call: Outgoing call id 0x800B blocked

*Mar 1 00:29:31.363: ISDN BR0 **ERROR**: UserIdle: process_bri_call failed on call to 555100.....



Re: ISDN dial out errors

From the looks of your output it seems that your dial out call is being blocked. Either by your PBX or the remote PBX. To assure where your problem lies, try doing a Debug ISDN Q931 for the call. The output will advise a cause ID code. You can go to Cisco's website and investigate the cause code for the failure of the call. It will tell you what side of the dial is blocking your call....Good Luck...

Community Member

Re: ISDN dial out errors


thanks for your replay

the thing is that I have Q931 debuging turned on , but this is the only thing I am getting

if I try to call into the router I get a whole lot more debug from Q931

but not on callout



Re: ISDN dial out errors

How is your ISDN set up? What is the total debug output from both sides? Do you need a prefix added to the dial out number, possibly your PBX is blocking the call(like dialing a "9" to access a local line from the PBX). Was the ISDN provisioned for dial in only and will not accept outgoing calls?

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