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Linksys (DHCP) ==> 871W not working

I have an unusual issue with my 871W's not getting DHCP addresses from certain Linksys routers..

I have an 871W that I use at various  locations (hotels, golf clubs, meeting centers) to provide a "company  network" hotspot for various offsite meetings that the executives of the  company host.

I'm  running a pretty recent IOS on it c870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T13

Here's my  issue:

With  the FA 4 configured with

IP address DHCP sales3    (hostname of the box so  it is viewable in the host dhcp server)

Anyway, most sites we go to are  served by Linksys (aka Cisco home) devices.  I have a couple at the  office to test with.

So my problem is this:

At some sites the 871 will not be  able to get a DHCP address from the host router where laptops and such  can get addresses.

We tried it out in the office and one Linksys had no  problems giving out addresses and a newer one did not.

We sniffed  the connection to the new linksys and see that the 871W is doing the  DHCP DISCOVER broadcast which we trap at the port on the linksys but the  linksys does not respond with an offer.

Has anyone else seen this happen?   On the old linksys the handshake goes as you'd expect and the 871 gets  an address and brings up the tunnel.



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