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NM 16-A Module

I faced with a problem in a solution as follows :

+ The task is about using a module NM 16-A ( It is Not NM 16-A/S ), to obtain a console connections from a Router 2811 to another Router 2811 too.

+ I used a Configuration from Cisco site , Using this URL :

But it did'nt work , it gave me (( Connection refused by a remote ... ))

when I put the router hostname , or ip and port no

+ I put these configuration as follows:

Router (1)

ip host 3640-1 2001

ip host 3640-16 2016

ip host 3640-15 2015

ip host 3640-14 2014

ip host 3640-13 2013

ip host 3640-12 2012

ip host 3640-11 2011

ip host 3640-10 2010

ip host 3640-9 2009

ip host 3640-8 2008

ip host 3640-7 2007

ip host 3640-6 2006

ip host 3640-5 2005

ip host 3640-4 2004

ip host 3640-3 2003

ip host 3640-2 2002

interface Loopback1

ip address

line 1 16

session-timeout 20

no exec

exec-timeout 0 0

Router (2)

I Did'nt add any configuration except the enable password and the enable secret .

+ The questions is :

- does there is any additinal configuration ,which I must add to make the system work ??

- could I add some configuration to the second router to change the situation ??

- Does any of you have any good documents helping in this situation ???

Please it is Urgent ,

Thank you for your help ,

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Re: NM 16-A Module

Hi, try "transport input telnet" under "line".

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: NM 16-A Module

Thank you for your help ,

But the command line under the con and line does no accept the command

transport input telnet

it is only accept the commands

transport output


transport preferred

I'm using version 12.4(8)T IOS

what I have to do


Re: NM 16-A Module

If a raw TCP stream is required, the port is 4000 (decimal) plus the decimal line number. The raw TCP stream is usually the required mode for sending data to a printer.

I could be wrong but from very long ago I remember having done this using ports in 4000 range.



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