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Opening large files over VPN

Hello folks -

We have a site-2-site IPSEC VPN between corporate and one of our branch locations. Staff at the branch locations are trying to open an access database that is close to 200 MB in size. Obviously, they are complaining it takes too long to open the file.

Now given that the branch office does not have a local server and is accessing the corporate for email, SAP applications etc., there is a a significant amount of traffic flowing over the vpn tunnel.

The branch office has a cable internet connection with decent upload/download speeds.

Is there any way or recommendation to improve the access speed of large files from the branch location over the vpn tunnel?

Thanks for your help!


Re: Opening large files over VPN

If they are "pulling" the data or database from the central site to the remote site, then I would suggest you run somekind of Citrix or RDP session to the server and have the server process the database.

200mbs over an internet link is quite large, if the above is not possible - then maybe consider QoS in the VPN tunnel. At the end of the day the bottle neck is still the internet circuit and the file size.


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