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overwrite dynamic (eigrp) route when external dials into router


I would like to find a way to overwrite a dynamic (eigrp) route with a routing entry pointing to a dialer interface, when someone has dialed into this dialer interface.

Does someone of you knows a way how this can be done?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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Re: overwrite dynamic (eigrp) route when external dials into rou

Just reading this in passing, but you might want to look into reverse route injection.

My premise of my thinking is that if your router injects a static route into the routetable when another device is connected that route will have a lower AD than the EIGRP route and thus become the preferred route.


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Re: overwrite dynamic (eigrp) route when external dials into rou

Thanks tor you reply.

Until now I have heard of reverse route injection only in conjunction with setting up vpn connections. And a quick search doesn't shows much. But I keep on searching.

Maybe I should tell something more about my setup. There are 2 routers (both 2612). On the LAN side the do hsrp. And on the WAN side each of them has 2 BRI interfaces connected to a multi-line-hunting-group for dialin and dialout. On the LAN I do eigrp and so overwrite a static route pointing to the dialer on the second router because of an administrativ distance of 200 at the static route.

When dialing out everything works fine. But when someone dials in to the second router (which is the hsrp standby one) the routing table of this router isn't changed/updated. I Bad expected something like a "directly connected" event puts a new entry in the routing table pointing to the now connected dialer Interface. But this does not happen.

What I'm looking for is a way how this can be done, so that these is a backward pointing route on the hsrp standby router for the dialed in sides.

Is there a way to do this?



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