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PIX 501 - do I have to use vpn software to remote desktop?

I have two networks, and I'm trying to remote desktop into a server that is sitting behind a PIX 501. I can't use VPN software because the firewall on this network is stopping it, and this cannot be changed.

Is there a command that turns off the need to have to use VPN software to remote desktop into a computer sitting behind a PIX 501?

Thank you!

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Re: PIX 501 - do I have to use vpn software to remote desktop?

There is no command to do this. If VPN is being blocked by your local network firewall, then the only way to connect to the remote machine via RDP is either of the following:

- if RDP traffic is enabled outbound from your local network, then you would have to have a static nat statement and corresponding ACL to allow the rdp traffic in on the remote side to the configured host.

- if RDP traffic is blocked on your local network firewall then there is nothing you can do unless they open up the required port (tcp/3389).

There are a lot of unknown variables here.

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