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possible time out issue

have a 3600 series router configured for frame-relay. T1 has 6 PVCs configured on this router in multiple states. All has been in service & working fine for years. 4 days ago started experiencing an issue. Can log in to the primary router and all routers where the PVCs are configured but if we try to access devices on the network or if I try to do a sh run or sh frame p router sits at the prompt and eventually times out. I have had the T1 tested and not indicating any errors. Any thoughts?

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Re: possible time out issue


I am not clear about some aspects of your description of the symptoms. When you describe attempts to access devices on the network, is this just access from the primary router or is this access at the remote site, or access from some device at the primary site (telnet to the remote device)? And when you say: "Can log in to the primary router and all routers where the PVCs are configured" is this talking about telnet to these routers from the primary router? And how does this relate to the previous statement - first it sounds like no remote access then it sounds like access from primary router to remote routers is working. Can you clarify?

When you describe attepting show run or show frame p, if the router just sits and times out I would suspect a memory leak.



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