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Post Terminal Window Problem

I have an AS5400 configured and allowing users to dial in. When the Windows dial up client has the "show terminal window" selected, we cannot log in. It prompts for a user name and password, however it will not accept it. If we unselect this feature, we can type in a username and password before we connect and once connected, it will let us in. We have a few hundred users and to walk them all through to unselect the "show terminal window" and train them on how to use it this way will take too long.


Re: Post Terminal Window Problem

There might be no display for login prompt information in the terminal window used for entering the username and password for a AS5400 NAS running 12.2(2)XB6. This is because the AS5400 outputs the login prompt to the modem line more quickly. This will be no problem for a client terminal window that is capable of receiving data immediately upon the modem link reaching data mode. However, some client terminal applications (such as the Windows DUN "after dialing" window) are not ready to receive data quickly enough, and will miss seeing the login prompt.

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Re: Post Terminal Window Problem

Do you know of any client software (besides the Windows DUN) that works this way? Preferably a free one if possible. I have been looking around and I can't really determine which one will work like this.

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